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ShenzhenSAPO Photoelectric Co., Ltd., with registered capital of RMB 300 million, is a subsidiarywholly owned by Shenzhen Textile(Holdings) Co., Ltd. As a domestic high-tech enterprise, SAPO has beendedicated to polarizer R&D, production, sales and providing specializedone-stop service.

Establishedin 1995, SAPO is the first professional polarizer manufacturer in mainlandChina. Possessing 3 production lines and offering products and services coveringTN, STN, CSTN, TFT and polarized glasses, etc., SAPO has been the polarizersupplier with the largest capacity and the most varieties, besides, it owns themost advanced technologies, and occupies the largest market share.

Emphasizingscientific and standardized management, SAPO adopts modern Quality ManagementSystem, and has passed ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001:2008 certification. Meanwhile,all products have passed SGC testing, and comply with RoHS instructions.


In all ofthese years, SAPO has gradually formed its core values of “persistency,profession, harmony; win-win, loyalty, initiative, unity, and dedication”;lived by the philosophy of “people oriented, integrity first, customers foremost,social contribution”; adopted the quality policy of “satisfying user needs,pursuing excellent quality”.

With therapid development of LCD industry, LCD polarizer is increasing at a greatspeed, especially TFT-LCD polarizer, as the main display option of LCD, isrising continuously in demand.

SAPO LargeArea TFT-LCD Polarizer Project started operations on 28th Dec. 2011.The ceremony was attended by municipal leaders including Tangjie, Deputy Mayorof Shenzhen.


In April,2012, two TFT products of #4 production line have successfully passed theoptical testing by some main panel makers, and have conformed to the criterionof the same products of world class polarizer manufacturers. In regard to reliability,the two products have passed internal testing. In Q2, 2012, SAPO plans toachieve mass production, and to give a contribution to the completion ofdomestic FDP industrial chain.