R & D

● One of the earliest, largest, most technical and professional polarizer development teams in China, with two technical platforms: “Shenzhen Polarized Materials and Technology Engineering Laboratory” and “City Research and Development Center”;

● The implementation unit of the national new flat panel display device industrialization project, the national “863” scientific research project undertaker, the polarizer country and industry standard setter, and the national laboratory for polarizer film;

● TN, STN, TFT for monitors, and TFT polarizers for LCD TVs, which were independently developed for more than 20 years, have all taken the lead in filling domestic gaps, including STN polarizers, nationalized dye-type polarizers, and polarized lenses for 3D glasses. The film was awarded the “Shenzhen Independent Innovation Product Certification Certificate” by the Shenzhen Science and Technology Trade and Information Technology Committee, and the Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Department’s “Guangdong Key New Product” certificate by the polarized film project for 3D stereo glasses;

● As of March 2019, the company has applied for 92 patents, including 24 domestic invention patents, 61 domestic utility model patents, 1 overseas invention patent, 6 overseas utility model patents, and 6 standards for presiding, among which There are 4 national standards and 2 industry standards.