Job Responsibilities:

1. Receive and transfer calls in a timely and accurate manner. If necessary, record the message and forward it in time;

2. Receiving visitors and promptly and accurately notifying the interviewed personnel;

3. Send and receive company mail, newspapers, faxes and articles, and do a good job in registration management and transfer;

4. Responsible for the accurate booking of express mail, air tickets and train tickets;

5. Responsible for environmental maintenance in the foreground area;

6. Complete other tasks assigned by the superior supervisor


1, female, good image, good temperament, age 18-25 years old, height 1.65 or more;

2. College degree or above;

3, strong sense of service, skilled use of computer office software;

4. Have good coordination and communication skills, be responsible, lively and cheerful, and have affinity;

5. Mandarin is fluently fluent.

operating hours:

5 days 8 hours

Job Responsibilities

1. Complete the specified statistical analysis of data

2. Prepare and report the statistical table

3. Coordinated management of statistical information systems

4. Do a good job of confidentiality and archiving of statistical data. 5 Combine statistical indicator systems to improve and improve statistical methods.

6, understand the processing of reports, skilled in office software, ERP operating system


1. Bachelor degree or above in mathematics and applied mathematics statistics

2. Work experience in related fields is preferred

3. Understand the operation and use of relevant statistical analysis software

4, work seriously and responsible, can actively think and solve problems, a good team spirit.